Course Roots 

WORD OF THE DAY// [roots]

Trinidad & Tabago runs deep down in the nappy roots of my hair. The texture is as course as the sun that lights the island. My Mom and Dad’s soul is a tropical thunderstorm, passing through the Equator, up through my veins that I inherit later. The accent of broken English sits at the tip of my toungue, “Hope ya hav ah good dey tomorrowpleasegawd” *in my trini accent. The food is distinct. The taste of Bake and salt fish fill me up. Peppery Souse, made with Pig Feet, marinates in water, cucumbers, peppers, salt and other seasonings for a short period of time, eating this usually while liming (hanging out). My roots; lime, listen to reggae everyday, but especially on weekends, go to Carnival when it’s that time of year, cook big dinners on a sunday, and sometimes, they take a boat ride to tobabgo. Sugar cane grows naturally there, along with other fruit trees. Stories of them going to the mountain entertains me. Carribean love washes through my flesh, and oh how it feels so fresh.

Daily Prompt Post: Roots


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