Late Introduction

Hi, i'm Pots. My mind has many thoughts that grow and die, some of which i'll be posting here often. I'm 24 years old and still swimming! The waves that I coast in life are made exactly for me, because i live life true. I believe i'm akin to a butterfly in its stages of transformation, from a larvae to… this completely different persona/physical body, and instead of it taking me 20 days to do so, it's taking me more than 20 YEARS. But don't fret, this is the normal Human Metamorphosis… or…. lol, GROWTH. Growth, development, maturation, WHATEVER you want to call it looks like many things and moves in various directions/ways. It's fucking scary, to have to swallow yourself, feeling the enzymes break you down. It's fucking hurts, when you fall on your face, then having to get back up to fight yet again, or when you grow a new eye and attena, at least. Now, for the 100th time, like a baby, you're kicking and ready for another gruesome cycle, just like our friend that sips sweet nectar, the Butterfly. But unlike this aphid, the cycle is never ending in the human world, even after death. 

(My writings are really weird, and i'm open to any critiques you may have.) 


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