Mathew, my past friend 

wow, what a surprise this ismathew was truly beautiful outside and in 

sweet as the nectar ruminating off his pink skin 

he was one of the first difference i dated 

like a flower he smiled like one blowing in the wind 

so sweet, he taught me how to kiss 

so then, without knowing how i kissed his soft lips 

he laughed and said oh is that how you think it is? 

no, close your eyes when you kiss someone you miss

….when you’re not around them for a bit 

crazy that i’ve been trying to reconnect with him 

you shaped the kai i am today

you are a past experience 

just like everyone/thing else in that time period 

you were so fucking beautiful yo

please rest with my father and tell him i said hi, let him know i’m doing fucking fine. 

thanks for teaching me matt, i love you. RIP DUDE. 


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