Follower: A passing thought

You try to break away at that metal cage that keeps you locked away as a follower, but people find a way to add more wood to the structure. Well i’ve had enough, bruh. Let me live, let me breathe, and mistake. You tell me to ask myself, why i do. Understand, that i’m looking for the answer too.

(this was just a passing thought)


Gratitude periodical 002: My safe space 

Today i am greatful for my house in york, Pa. It’s a very old house with rustic wooden floors, that i sometimes skate. I love waking up in this space, where i create. To describe the feeling, it’s very warm and harnesses a vibe that helps me feel content. The big but slender windows shed light on my darkest days. A place to get high in. There’s 5 empty rooms that my ideas will pour into eventually, but it takes time to create home. The amount of space this place gives me helps me to think many things, like self realizations. The common area will be my gallery, an area of the house filled with painted art, a station for music and is open. I’ve been here since April and i’m excited to make it whole.

║Body, my body ║

Duo, Slowdanger blesses us again with their new music video “body, my body”. Everything they do in this spiritual visual inspires you to want to move in sync with your spirit or your friend/partner. It makes you feel something in general, and to the chune of melodies. The distinctive threads (check out @studio.hh on insta) they’re wearing is ventilated, making it easy to express energy outward, and helps them to move so freely (i’m sure). Their body suits especially caught my eye, because of the simple yet unique grid like design. The video, directed and edited by Anna Henson, shows a small/terrain/earth like 3D world that’s surrounded by trees and ground. This pixelated computer world encompasses movement “bit by bit, spit by spit”. Taylor and Anna explore said world with interactive dancing; movement like poetry. You can hear & feel it in the heart beat kicks and swaying hi-hats. DANCE! & PLEASE, ENJOI!!

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watch “Body, my body” here:

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Soul Leacher

She sucks it straight out the meaty tip

She writes small, so that her spells look like fine print

She grows red horns when the blunt ashes

It drips in her mouth, and splashes her eye lashes

I’m flattening out, so now my mind is clouded

She bribes me at night with love chants, So embarrassed that i fell for her tight lips

Type grips

░ Portraits (evr.snc) ╝°°

Listen to :3lon’s, Portraits and feel his deep; colorful non-monotonic thoughts. In the video for portraits, he expresses many things like; some sort of rage, slashing two lengthy light bulbs together, a beautiful light show that he exaggerates with cool hand movements and neon rave colors, and him just chilling outside, in what looks like, the cold dawn of the morning// feeling. His Voice acts griddy. For example, if you’re watching the tv and your screen goes rainy, all you see are these black and white tiny little dots all over the screen; a filter of some sort. But though his voice has a filter that distorts, the Hi-end sounds are very blatant.

╝°° ╝°° ╝°° ╝°°

╝°° ╝°° ╝° ╝°° ╝°° ╝°°

╝°° ╝°° ╝°° ╝°° ╝°°

Chune in:

Video (by Eric Aponte):

╗≈°°ε╝[Many Moons]

Journey through cyber space with

:3lon in his music video “Many Moons”, (Produced by Ali3nnood420 @yung_shogun), as He expresses a Samurai exploration/wonder for a person, from a troubled past, that he yearned to reunite with. “We have many moons of catching up to do”.

Listen to ‘Ronin’ NOW:

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