Pyra Logo Finale //|\

Drawn by the exuberant Shayla Mills.

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Waverly Place [Pt.2]: Weathering- An exploration to Cumberland

°°°°° °

It’s starts to snow while she journeys to cumberland from waverly place. The weather changes drastically on this mysterious mountain top.

╚ As Safira trudges her way through the snowy gravel

A path made by the crows lays ahead, they’ve adapted

Her face feels like stone as the wind passes

Hand movements are limited, while she removes her frozen stiff glasses

She wipes them clean, now seeing Cumberland in the distance

Her beaten gold stop watch informs her that she’s been walking about an hour

But nothing stops her, because she’s no coward

Her feet feels like nothing, a thin pain of numbness

As she gets closer to this small patch of tasteful land and wooded cabins, she feels a oneness

She places her make-shift cane into her backpack latch and pulls down her Balaclava face mask to take a deep breath.

The downward climb to Cumberland was a relief when reached, seeing as though it was not snowing, still cold… but also, there’s a beach.

Not a body for humans, but a resource retreat

A little warmer it is, as her face begins to thaw, her feet feeling defeat..

The Sun bares his hands giving her a hug, like a greet. ╚

✨Stay chuned for Pt. 3 – Waverley Place: Foraging in Cumberland✨

Punching Bag

Your body is as solid as your mind grasps

Every time we past we see who I really am

The sadness that I feel is some type of self-fulfilling prophecy, I will

I fill you with cement and punch you until the knuckle flesh bleeds

I can’t see, I can’t see

Maybe that’s why i’m so bleak

While I beat the stream of well loving water

Now the other shoe bleeds

Worn but warm from steadiness

I hope you continue with my pettiness

Just look up at the prompter

It reads: “I’ll grow stronger so the pain is no longer…”

I promise,

If i can have you.

2017 thread: ”twas a great year

Welcome, here you will experience the moments of my year.



@ The copycat, :3lon sings blessed melodies [Lifeless] while a jazz player plays the Saxophone. It felt great.

Philly with friends \\\|// We accompany Elon, Que’, and Graffititech to a basement concert  where; 5Finger posse, Alienood and Mahatma x  perform @ the dopest/raunchiest basement party of 2017.

Eu-iv beats the machine @ Pink Rage – The crown Baltimore

“I’m living”  by Abdu Ali. His empowerment lyrics truly creates movement within the crowd @ Pink Rage – The crown Baltimore





Stargate curated by Galaxy Boys Alienood & :3lon, where artists; Randi, Lain, Alienood420, and Steve stellar spit cosmic radiation @   -The crown Baltimore


PYRA was my first curated show in 2017, which was hosted @ The Copycat Building with performances by artist; Kora the Artist,Android No. 23Slowdanger, lain, and Station North Sad Boi (House DJ). After staying in the la bodega for a couple days, we notice trap goth spray painted on the wall. That was just tight as shit.

The four kittens were born: Nala, Hannah, Maximillion, and Genie. They are now 4 months old.

At “The Dark, artist ; Infinity Knives, Dan Mansion, NeroScream (who now goes by Dyyo Faccina), Baby Tears, :3lon, and Eu-iv, express rhythm in the Red Room  // while artists; Bemi, Modern Refugees, and The Nasa 8 spit mystery writtens in the Blue room @ The Crown Baltimore On New Year’s day, curated by Lain.


 “The Update” was my second curated show, where i was blessed to be in the presence of  performing artist **, bobbi rush, our friends from Philly Mahatma X, Steve Stellar, With two of my favorite Djs Loc Spice & Mr.14th @ The Emp Collective //|\\\

Ryan & 🌸shayla🌸 came and graced the PYRA W/ love often in 2017. I love them <3.


A poem about how worn shoes can tell people about your past; moments in your life

Scuffed fabric from experience

These threads I wear for the moment

I walk the terrain in any condition

They tell a story of a woman

Her past so translucent

The suede, exposed to water, gets darker

And the current is the waviest

The good and the bad of it

Gum soles so fly, skid marks from skateboarding

Showing your scars, and your fortune

Their for all to see, and when you wear them, that’s you owning your reality