I am leaking, ah substance from my beaker

My juices are, heating 

and it’s dripping 

the science of it is intriguing 

It says a woman is alive 

cuz feelin’ is believin’
it’s called secreating. 

Oh myyyy’ 

That’s Secreation 

That’s mean bacteria’s decreasing. 

Oh myyyy’

 That’s ah feelin’.

ah process of healing. 


Jesus is GOD himself, experiencing humankind, the very thing he created. it’s just his human form “self”. Now that i’m writing this, lol, I beg the question, “Why would he be praying to himself?” hmm 🤔🤔🤔

Life Explorations 

Alive again, found a box of oxygen. 

Look, Mother Earth has given birth again, Given birth again, let the light in

and watch growth begin… 

…and that’s, 1 cotyledons and ah 2 cotyledons. Food for my kingdom.

But I’m not an embryo. 

I just found myself and some wisdom.

As oneself continues to change and move, you always feel so new.

The past experiences shouldn’t be discredited….

or more credited, live true. 

true to you, because you are the only one who’s you. 

Journey, explore, express & show the world who’s in your shoes. 

so who are we? 

well, we all are you

and the many universes that we’ve explored and continue to, contributes. 

The Sick

A poem i wrote while chillin at the Startier’s Tree House feeling sick as hell. i wrote a poem to distract the physical pain i was feeling at the moment. Also, the homie vae was sick too. (ben and dem have a very swank cribo, yo. )

Damn It’s sticky in here, But all my organs feeling like dust. Neck hurting, think i’m bout’ to combust. Hair follicles from another animal. Damn, i’m fucked up

My nose stuffed. Blood turn to crust Throat feeling thrust … from some sort of rust 

Taste of pain when i swallow Need water from a well, maybe some citrus for my dwell. 


I know you just want to get thru to me, I can feel the rage. Just give me time to learn myself, my brains been caged. I’ve been slowly set free though, so I can express myself.
Sometimes I want to talk, & what I want to say is at the tip of my tongue 

but the girl who fears herself doesn’t want to be judged

as i walk the earth, I feel my growth everyday. so, I’m happy with who I am, letting all the worry fade. 

one thing I’ve realized is that once you pass one threshold, a bigger one appears. challenges in life are dare.

Current Day 

A little older we’ll be now the events pile up, and pass

you can say tomorrow that you’re living in the past

another day another time 

millienials grow wiser 

we are living history 

the past adventures are before us 

bc the future is just information that has already happened  

Her house 

I hope you have a reason for freakin’ 
or is it just the season, for breedin’
I hope that you believe in, a reasun 
for being, forbidden 

don’t succumb to fleayen the semen
the party has just begun 
now back to function, we plug in
now, let’s let the plug in