Waverly Place

╚ On top this mountain where the land grows

A lady lives in a tiny cabin where she harnesses the crows

She climbs down the alpine and forages dead things, and agriculture

Stuffs her backpack, then heads back to shelter

Food for all to eat

It’s Waverly Place, where she feeds the minds

A bird watcher, just ah wanderin’

The next day does it all again

She wakes up, ready for an exploration to Cumberland. ╚

[Stay chuned…]


Benjamin Banger: The Theories of a Good Poet

Today we review Benjamin Banger and his new album release, “The Gxod Poet” // The album dropped on Oct 8th, just in time for his b-day.

Θ Θ°°≈


Banger was born and raised out of Baltimore, md. Well rounded: He does a slew of things as an artist, some of those things being; Producing, Music management, film/Photography, graphic design and djing.

Crew ¬

Ben is apart of an eclectic music group called Startier, consisting of about 5 of the: nastiest/experimental “Trap” Artists, spewing out of Baltimore today.

One of the many reasons i’m fond of this group is because of their consistency, with Artist Finagobaby releasing his album Butter“, and Scoreswayze having droppedRazor Ramona II, all this year. Right now, they’re working on a collective album called “Roommates”, curated by real life roommates; ben, score, and kush. I’ve just heard snippets of them snapping’ on the jawnt, but we’re in for a surprise because Banger, usually known for his production, will be rapping on this project (Coming soon) ✨.

I also admire their variety. In their art, they include many

different elements to convey their message: from trap instruments, to the photography for their album art, to video game sounds and samples, to the writtens and the freestyles they spit: Hence why I’ve defined them as “eclectic”. It only makes sense why Ben, as an individual, is so well-rounded.

But what I really want to delve into, is the project….

The Gxod Poet

The tittle of this project was inspired by a quote written by T.s Elliot, a british essayist and poet, major in the 20th century, from his book of essays The sacred wood: “Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal; bad poets deface what they take, and good poets make it into something better, or at least something different”. Given the complexity of “a kind of poet”, you’ll hear in this project, that Ben resembles characteristics akin to the “good poet” displayed in this text. Which brings me to when bang was creating this master piece.

I remember him defining it as a yearning for growth and change in the usual way he goes about making music, separating himself from “the pack”. For example, the song “Mother/ Earthbound” sounded like a symphony in which he played keys and synths like he was orchestrating a point and time in his life, nothing like the heavy drums and trap noise he usually incorporates in his music. In order to do that, he had to open his mind and express his ears, in addition to being very curious of what more he could spew. More, meaning difference. On the remake of B.a.n.g from a later album called “Se7ven”,B.a.n.g 2 from The Gxod Poet symbolizes a growth in beat, with his melody evolving, taking certain elements out and adding new ones, making it bounce more, a re-creation of the old. The epitome of: what more he could spew. More, meaning difference.

A balance between having control and not having any at all, a form of letting go.

In jun seba, his keys are hopeful, and a wave of feeling jolts you, making you travel, enabling you to feel like you’re in the spotlight, moving through an ocean, stellar waves.

On the other hand, in North Avenue he includes Fast high hats that make you get up and groove. You can feel the blood pumping, in one of my favorite tracks, Stay Gold, where I’m placed in a night club with neon light gloves, shuffling my way around a dance floor. Another song that gives me hype, is DBZ After school @ Mrs. sues, with drum breaks that encourage footwork movement, then a slowed down transition that hits your soul deep- with intimate bass instruments that vibrate throughout your chest.

Basically, ben incorporates examples of dance and “the wave”, movement and feeling, throughout his album simultaneously. Something he was longing to express, and this poetry was the product.

All said and done…

I truly resonated with “The gxod poet”. The personal growth he expressed, I identified with. A sonically written poetry created. It’s “feel good” vibe speaks to me. It’s upbeat nature causes me to feel and move, and it’s just wavy all around. I always enjoy the wave because it is the most expressive, in-depth product of self, and i’m happy that he was able to mesh dance and wave seamlessly. This project was something I could interpret, then express myself. Only good artist knows how to evoke emotion and inspire.

°≈ °≈

Ben talks about experimenting with his music:

“but frfr yo, even though you say you’re just experimenting and trying shit out, please just make a song at the end of the day, even if it may sound like the last song you made, that’s still growth.”

…. In response to Scoreswayze’s (& honestly every hard-working musician) thoughts on the insecurities and struggles with making chunes at the level one may be at.

\\ notable tracks //


≡Stay Gold

≡jun seba

≡B.A.N.G 2





The Gxod Poet is streaming on all platforms// check the link(s)//:

«« http://smarturl.it/hjfi20

++ check his Soundcloud

°≈ band camp



Time is a passing moment in our day

Your love can last a minute, and it’ll have me in a daze

Time is a construction full of maze

A structure that us humans barely graze

Time is a function, that we calculate

While the omnipotence power may extrapolate

Time takes our loved ones & buries them deep

So new flowers can experience the wonder, and the defeat

Tick tock, the sound of the metronome

The clock is telling me that it’s time to grow old

Time is, what time was

Present, Future and past wisdom.

Art by Shayla Mills

Window seat

Wishing the window was open so i can run outside and have more babies.

The wind sways in from the slightly cracked window and covers me

Collected rain water sits on the ceiling

In my…. window seat, window seat

People walk through the streets, as i watch, I wonder what they think

Where’s their destination?

Water particles from the drizzle catch me, touching my skin

Taking it in

Birds bathe in the gathered water, right in front of me

It’s pleasing to see

In my… window seat, window seat